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Wart Specialist Melbourne

Wart Specialist Melbourne: At Brighton Podiatry we have specialized in the treatment of Warts for over 25 Years we know which treatments will work on your wart and which treatments are a waste of time or too painful for you.

Over the years we have practiced we have treated thousands of cases of Plantar warts we are interested in Warts and the well being of the patient that has the warts. We have used just about every form of treatment available and from this experience gained over many years of practice we have refined our technique. We now use what we feel is the best form of treatment on the market laser, but we don’t just use any laser we have selected what we believe is the best laser on the market tor this procedure it is the CoolTouch Cool Breze laser.

At Brighton Podiatry Wart Specialist Melbourne we trialed 4 different types of lasers using different wavelengths of laser light. Different wavelengths are absorbed at different rates and absorbed to different depths depending on the type of tissue involved. We use a 1320NM laser which through careful clinical evaluation we found to be the best laser for this purpose.

We are now proud to announce that we have a 95% resolution rate with just one treatment, of course we follow up all our patients with regular checks to ensure the wart is resolved but we only have to treat the majority of warts once with laser.

If you are suffering from plantar warts and are not having success with your treatment call the Wart Specialist Melbourne.

Wart Specialist Melbourne

Our Laser

Wart Specialist Melbourne
Wart Specialist Melbourne

A Case Study of a Patient treated at the

Wart Specialist Melbourne

This Patient is a 60 year old male who had had plantar warts on his heel for over of 5 years initially there was only 1 wart and this was treated unsuccessfully by his GP using liquid nitrogen. Over the next year or so the numbers of Plantar warts grew steadily. He visited a Dermatologist and was given a mild acid solution to put on the warts himself this was done for several months with no apparent change in presentation. Two more practitioners treated these warts with Liquid Nitrogen but again there was no result.

Finally this patient sought out a Wart Specialist in Melbourne, we discussed all options including surgery but finally settled on Laser as there were so many warts present. The Warts were treated and the pictures are below over a 3 month period all the warts resolved. This was achieved with only one session of laser.

The Patient could not be happier with the results, he just wishes he had come to us in the first place which would have saved him considerable time and money.

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Dr Greg Bastin is passionate about the treatment of Warts he has specialised in this for over 25 Years.