removing plantar warts

Removing Plantar warts: Removing Plantar warts is not as easy as it sounds, the problem is that warts live in the top layer of the skin (called the epidermis), this layer is at its thickest on the planter surface of the foot. This means that removing plantar warts in this area is much more difficult as the wart will be physically deeper that it would be in any other part of the body.

There are numerous supposed cures around some of these include acids and pastes often the base compound of these is often salicylic acid the theory is it removes the wart by destroying all the tissue it comes in contact with. The problem is that it is self-limiting i.e. it reacts with proteins in the skin which effectively neutralises the acid. The plantar wart in the sole of the foot is generally quite deep and you simply never get to the bottom of it. This means that virally infected tissue remains, thus the plantar wart will not be removed, as it will grow back from the tissue that is left in the foot.

Liquid Nitrogen is another way of removing plantar warts, this is very effective on other parts of the body as again the epidermis is quite thin, however when it comes to the foot it simply does not remove warts effectively. It causes a lot of pain and often the wart will return. There are many other cures such as duct tape and others that admittedly might work for different people the problem is some plantar warts will simply spontaneously resolve and the process being used if this happens will be credited with removing the plantar wart .

The problem when treating these warts is that we want a cure that is repeatable and reliable not something that will work for one in one thousand patients.

Removing plantar warts with modern technology

I have been using surgery to remove plantar warts for over 15 years with great success, however it does result in an open wound which must be correctly dressed for usually around 3 to 4 weeks, it also results in a fair degree of discomfort for the patient which again can last 3 to 4 weeks. Around a year ago I started investigating the use of lasers to remove plantar warts I trialled this and over several months developed a protocol that works really effectively even on stubborn to remove mosaic warts. The results are nothing short of astounding the results I am getting are well over 90%, patients suffer very little pain depending on the size of the area being treated.

I now believe that this is the most efficient way to remove plantar warts that is available on the market today.

Removing plantar warts with laser before and after.

removing plantar warts before
removing plantar warts before
removing plantar warts after
removing plantar warts after laser
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