Plantar Warts Laser A Case Study

This Patient is a 55 Year old female who has noticed these growing on her foot for several months. After doing some searching on the Internet she decided they were Plantar Warts, she decided to treat them with over the counter treatments.

Initial Plantar Warts consultation details

Plantar Warts Prior to Laser Treatment
Plantar Warts Prior to Laser Treatment

After several months of self treating she came for a consultation with us and we confirmed that they were plantar warts. We discussed all treatment options with the patient and she decided that Laser sounded like the best option.

Plantar Warts after Laser Treatment
Plantar Warts after Laser Treatment

Initial Laser to Plantar Warts

We did 1 laser session and there was a really good reaction so it was unlikely that she would need any further sessions. We followed up regularly over the next few weeks and finally they were resolved around 2 months later.

If you have Plantar Warts they can spread so don’t leave it to long before seeking professional advice. We are finding that Laser treatment is a highly successful form of treatment, it works well on warts that have had every form of treatment tried on them with no success.

For an appointment to assess your Plantar Warts please call the clinic.

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