Plantar Wart Treatment

Plantar Wart Treatment | Case Study 2

Plantar Wart Treatment | Case Study 2 This patient is a 27 Year old male who has suffered this planter wart for over a year. He has tried several sorts of treatment on this lesion all with no success.

One interesting thing he has used as a plantar wart treatment is a drug by the name Aldara, this is a compound that is occasionally used to treat skin cancers. This drug may prove to be a bigger disaster than Vioxx. The chemical compound used in this has been known to be a carcinogen since 1986 and it is still on the market today. It is extremely dangerous so much so that the National Cancer Institute (America) the American Cancer Society and many other peek groups have determined it is a carcinogen and placed it on a list of most hazardous compounds. It is mainly used to cure skin cancers and is often over prescribed for this. Some Doctors are even using it as a plantar wart treatment. The chemical in Aldara is imiquimod and there are numerous reports of patients that have used this being left with a damaged immune system. It works by stimulating the bodies immune response so that hopefully the immune system will attack and destroy the plantar wart. This drug has also been known to cause anaphylactic shock in numerous patients. Pharmacology reports that Aldara can open skin lesions and through this mechanism can gain entry directly into the blood stream and hence circulates systemically. This is extremely dangerous as this can lead to permanent autoimmune diseases.

Plantar Wart Treatment

This patient tried

This patient also taped the plantar wart for long periods with Duct Tape at the end of a year he saw no result. He had a consultation with me to see what sort of plantar wart treatment I could offer him. We spoke at length regarding the outcomes of surgery versus laser. As I explained with this wart the best hope I could give him using surgical removal as a plantar wart treatment was 40% to 50%. I told him that my experience using laser was far higher and I would rate his chances of resolution as 80% to 90%. He decided to go with my experience and booked in for laser plantar wart treatment.

We used laser on his wart and a few days later it had turned a brownish colour, the patient did report a mild pain sensation for a couple of weeks. (Most patients with smaller warts have very little to no discomfort). Over the coming weeks the brown areas sloughed off leaving healthy non infected skin below. I reviewed him a couple of months after all the lesion had sloughed off and there was NO sign of any wart. I informed him that the plantar wart treatment we had carried out with the use of laser had been 100% successful, he was so happy and just wishes he had come directly to me.

At Brighton Podiatry plantar wart treatment is a specialty of ours we are interested in helping patients getting rid of plantar warts even if others have failed. We will give you an honest appraisal of your plantar warts and tell you what your chances of successful resolution of your wart may be.

To find out more about laser plantar wart treatment give us a call and make a time to discuss your case.

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Plantar Wart Treatment

Plantar Wart Treatment
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Plantar Wart Treatment

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