Plantar wart questions 1

Plantar Wart Questions 1

Plantar wart questions 1: Some questions we received on treating plantar warts !

Help please, ever had Plantar Wart?

Have any of you ever had a plantar wart? if so can you please tell me how i can stop the pain of my wart. i went to a foot doctor and he just trimmed it back for me and told me to use otc meds to remove it, but it really hurts me and I cant walk too good because of where it is located, and i see like 6 black things inside of it, what are the black things? thanks for any help
Dr Greg
Over-the-counter medications contain chemicals that destroy skin cells (e.g., acid) and may damage healthy tissue surrounding the wart. Self-treatment for plantar warts using an over-the-counter preparation is not recommended.In some cases, podiatrists apply mild acid (e.g., salicylic acid, cantharidin, dichloroacetic acid) topically to treat plantar warts. This treatment, which often requires multiple applications over the course of several weeks, disintegrates viral cells and allows healthy skin cells to replace them. Laser is a much faster way to treat plantar warts.

How long does it take to remove plantar warts?

I have had this one plantar wart on my foot for 5 months. I have been treating it everyday with Dr. Scholl’s stuff and it seems to not get any bigger but it also never seems to go away. I try to dig out the wart, but it hurts like hell when i do that and it just never seems to go away. Is there another way to treat this and if there is how long will it take?
Dr Greg said
just a few minutes, anesthesia will be injected locally, and it will be destroyed by laser.

How can I remove Plantar warts?

My son has Plantar warts, and not sure if I should have them removed or can they be treated to get them removed. Is there anything that will make them go away without getting them removed by the Doctor.
Dr Greg Said
Laser is the fasest and easiest way to treat plantar warts.

How to remove plantar warts on feet?

I have a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for about 3-4 months now. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago to get if frozen off, but that didnt really effect it. Its about the size of a dime. Does any1 know of what i can do for it to be gone.(Preferibly fast treatment)
Dr Greg said:
The fastest way is Laser treatment

Good luck with treating plantar warts

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