DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment

DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment


For plantar warts that are resisting treatment, you may be referred for DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment (immunotherapy). During this Therapy your body is exposed to DNCB and it becomes sensitised to this compound.  When the DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment is applied to the Wart the body will mount a cell-mediated immune response hence attacking the Wart as it is recognized as foreign or not belonging to the body.


DINITROCHLOROBENZENE or as it is commonly known DNCB has not been extensively studied or subjected to long term medical trials, however some evidence would suggest that DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment may be a probable carcinogen,other studies also suggest that DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment contains chemicals which are  known as mutagens, ie that they are able to cause genetic mutations.

With all the studies and too many question marks hannging over this compound we would advise to stay right away from this one. Some small studies suggest that patients who use DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment exhibit a depressed cell-mediated immune response following the use of DNCB.



DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment


Most Practitioners will not prescribe DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment however there are still a small number that will happily prescribe this to patients and never discuss possible side effects with the patients.


DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment

DNCB Plantar Wart Treatment


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