Liquid Nitrogen Plantar Warts

Liquid Nitrogen Plantar Warts



Liquid Nitrogen Plantar Warts

Liquid Nitrogen Plantar Warts

Liquid Nitrogen Plantar Warts have been synonymous for many years, Freezing warts with a very cold solution such as liquid nitrogen in theory  can kill the virus. Liquid Nitrogen for Plantar Warts has a temperature of -196′C, this is supposed destroy the plantar wart but more than often we find it does not work on Plantar Warts.

Cryotherapy works well on many parts of the body, but it is sometimes ineffective on plantar warts because they tend to run deep, and the cold may not penetrate far enough to kill the virus completely. In many cases of plantar warts we see a small blister occur this enables small viral particles to “float” off in the fluid and just re-establish themselves in a new location. This form of treatment on feet is very painful generally requires multiple applications with the associated pain and more than often no results are seen.


Liquid Nitrogen Plantar Warts


Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in a liquid state at an extremely low temperature. It is produced industrially by fractional distillation of liquid air. Liquid nitrogen is a colorless clear liquid with density of 0.807 g/mL at its boiling point and a dielectric constant of 1.4.[dead link][1] Liquid nitrogen is often referred to by the abbreviation, LN2 or “LIN” or “LN” and has the UN number 1977.

At atmospheric pressure, liquid nitrogen boils at −196 °C (77 K; −321 °F) and is a cryogenic fluid which can cause rapid freezing on contact with living tissue, which may lead to frostbite. When appropriately insulated from ambient heat, liquid nitrogen can be stored and transported, for example in vacuum flasks. Here, the very low temperature is held constant at 77 K by slow boiling of the liquid, resulting in the evolution of nitrogen gas. Depending on the size and design, the holding time of vacuum flasks ranges from a few hours to a few weeks.

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