Pictures of Warts on Feet


In some respect we would like to shock patients in showing them severe cases of Plantar Warts in the hope they do not delay seeking professional advice. Unfortunately we see far too many of these kind of cases early intervention will stop your Plantar Warts spreading to this extent.


Most of these pictures show severe cases of warts on feet that have been left untreated if you have one wart get it treated before your feet become like these patients.


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    Plantar Warts Dermatology Meeting China   Dr Greg Bastin was recently invited to speak at the 17th Annual Dermatology meeting in Xian China. (第十七届全国皮肤性病学会年会) Dr Bastin has developed a new protocol to treat Plantar warts (Verruca Pedis) using laser. The success rate is very high (in the 90%-95%) range. Dr Bastin says that most simple [...]


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