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Plantar Warts are caused by the human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The virus attacks the skin through direct contact. Normally, antibodies in the blood kill the virus, however some people are more susceptible to the human papilloma virus than others.
The HPV gains entry into the skin, through micro trauma these are minute breaks in the surface of the outer layer of skin called the epidermis. Such exposure is frequently associated with public shower rooms or walking barefoot on dirty surfaces or littered ground where the virus is lurking. Another place of infection is often nail salons that use abrasive pads to rub dead skin off the foot once infected these can pass the virus from client to client. Most of these establishments do not use any forms of acceptable sterilization.
The diagnosis is typically made by observing the wart, there are dozens of strains of the HPV virus.



Plantar Warts are a special interest of ours



In feet these warts will all present slightly differently some are very painful and the patients are well aware that they have a problem. Other varieties of the virus are totally pain free these however can spread and cause a serious problem by the time they are dealt with. At Brighton Podiatry foot clinic Plantar Warts are a special interest of ours we deal with the simple cases (ie 1 wart) right through to cases where the patient presents with multiple warts on their feet. It is generally better to have these looked at before they spread, as it will become harder and harder as you develop more warts.






Laser Treatment of Plantar warts is the most effective form of treatment



We are now treating most Plantar warts with Laser as laser leaves the patient much less post treatment pain than having the Plantar warts removed surgically. Following surgery patients are left with painful feet for several weeks. With Laser they might get a mild blistering but most patients are fine with normal activities a few days later and some have totally no pain the next day. Dr Bastin has been working on the initial protocol for this laser system to successfully treat Plantar Warts, he was recently invited to present a Paper on the Treatment of Plantar Warts using Laser at the 17th annual dermatological meeting in Xian China.

In summary we believe that the most efficient way to treat plantar warts from a pain and resolution perspective is the use of laser.


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