Melbourne's Most Advanced Wart Treatment
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Most Advanced Laser

We use the latest Laser Technology along with the most up to date research to ensure the best possible results. We continue to strive for better results.

Personalised Treatment

Not all Warts are the same so not all treatments should be the same. We will assess your wart and tailor a treatment in order to get results.

Excellent Results

We wont give up on patients until we are successful in eliminating their warts. Most practitioners will eventually just give up. Our clinical results are better than 99%.


We pioneered a new treatment for warts using a revolutionary new Cold Laser. We keep up to date with clinical research in this field.

Timely & Efficient

We respect patient’s time, we always do our best to run on time. Treatment duration and number of treatments will depend on the severity of the wart.    

Speedy Recovery

Most of our treatments involve very little or no pain. This ensures patients can stay active with little or no impact on their daily routine.